Defense of Litigation

In litigation, results matter most.  Sometimes the best result takes the form of an early settlement, while other times it comes from a dispositive motion or a favorable verdict.  From a defense perspective, we provide “big firm” quality of service without the high costs by focusing on outcome-determinative aspects of litigation.  Our cases are not overstaffed, nor staffed with novice attorneys.  Our focus on efficiency and flexibility can’t be matched by larger firms.  Perhaps most importantly, our familiarity with the perspective of plaintiffs enables us to fight plaintiffs more effectively than firms who focus primarily on litigation defense.

Has your company been sued?

We will discuss your options with you as a free consultation and can often obtain an extension of time for you to answer the complaint to enable you to weigh your options.  Otherwise, under the federal rules, you may have as little as 20 days to respond.  We seek to deliver value, not just hours, and therefore offer Alternative Fee Arrangements.  If we are not the right firm for your case, we may be able to help you identify your best options.  Again, there is no charge for your case evaluation.

Has your company received a “cease and desist” letter?

Has your organization received a “cease and desist” letter accusing you of infringing the intellectual property of another? We offer a free consultation to discuss your options.

Concerned about infringing another’s patent?

Maybe you’ve learned that one of your competitors is being sued for patent infringement.  Perhaps a patent that relates to your business has been brought to your attention.  Waiting until your company is named in a suit can place you at important tactical disadvantages.  Consider contacting us to discuss these strategies:

  • Clearance search: analyze patents or published patent applications that relate to aspects of a planned product or process
  • Patent monitoring: determine if patents recently issued or published applications relate to your business
  • Design-arounds: evaluate alternative designs that steer clear of known patent hazards
  • Declaratory judgment actions: if you have reason to believe that your business is going to be sued, ask a federal court to make a determination of whether you infringe to provide your venture greater certainty going forward

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