Covered Business Method (CBM) Review

The transitional program for Covered Business Method (CBM) review was introduced by the America Invents Act (AIA) as a type of Post-Grant Proceeding against an issued patent. A CBM is a proceeding conducted by the Patent Trials and Appeal Board (PTAB) to review the patentability of one of more claims in an issued patent. The process begins with the filing of a petition by a third party (the Petitioner).

The Katz Firm practices before the PTAB and has experience with CBM proceedings, both from the perspective of the Patent Owner and also the Petitioner. The Katz Firm can provide you with a fixed fee quotation for at least some steps of the CBM process. For example, a fixed fee may be quoted for the preparation and filing of the petition, or for the preparation and filing of the patent owner’s preliminary response. The filing of motions may be more difficult to estimate. For that reason, motions are not included in the fixed fee CBM filing or the fixed fee CBM defense. CBMs are conducted on a very strict schedule, so if a CBM has been filed against your patent, it is important that strategy be evaluated quickly. Contact the Katz Firm for a free no-obligation quotation.

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