Theft of Trade Secrets

Has someone misappropriated your trade secrets?

The Katz Firm may be able to enforce your rights under trade secret law. Fast action is essential to prevent continuing damage to your company. We can pursue immediate remedies including injunctions, while pursuing damages for the theft. If you suspect a theft has occurred, contact us to discuss your options and obtain compensation for that which was taken from you.

Many companies now elect to protect commercially valuable know-how by keeping certain information secret, instead of procuring patent protection. Trade secrets offer perpetual protection, unlike other forms of intellectual property, so long as they remain secret. In effect, companies can use trade secret protection under state law instead of patent protection under federal law, to protect certain categories of intellectual property. Your trade secrets may have been misappropriated if they have obtained by another through improper means, such as theft, bribery, misrepresentation, or a breach of a contract or duty by someone to keep them secret. Common examples include misappropriation by a current or former employee while under an obligation to protect your trade secrets, or by a third-party, often a partner, customer, or supplier, who obtained trade secret information under a non-disclosure agreement, or under other circumstances of confidentiality. Trade secrets may include customer lists, product designs, marketing information, computer software, technical know-how, manufacturing processes, formulae, or other secrets.

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