Toxic Torts

A toxic tort is an injury arising from the exposure to toxic materials or chemicals. Often, the victim has been exposed to toxic chemicals through their occupation, or through pharmaceutical drugs or environmental conditions. For example, toxic substances that may cause injury include pesticides, chemicals, asbestos, waste, medical products, and toxic substances in food or drinking water. Toxic tort cases are complex, in part, because the victim must show that the substance caused an injury, and must also show that the actions of the defendant led to the exposure that resulted in injury. In addition, injuries from toxins may take years to develop, and it may take a long time to obtain information regarding past exposure.

If you have been exposed to a toxin that has made you sick, the Katz Firm will dedicate the time and attention necessary to effectively and efficiently address your toxic exposure claim. Contact the Katz Firm for a free no-obligation case evaluation.

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