Libel, Slander, and Defamation

Libel is a defamatory statement that appears in writing and is communicated to a third party. Slander is a defamatory statement that is spoken. Laws involving defamation attempt to balance one’s right to free speech with the wrongful harm to another person’s reputation or business through untruthful statements. Business slander involves false and disparaging statements directed towards a business or its goods or services.

If the defamatory statement was posted on the Internet, a lawsuit may be required to trace the identity of the defamatory poster so that a subpoena may be served on the website host for IP identification. If you have been defamed, and you or your business have incurred substantial damages, the Katz Firm will dedicate the time and attention necessary to determine whether you may have a viable defamation case. There is a statute of limitations for filing a defamation case. If you believe that you have been defamed, so you may give up important rights by waiting too long to take action.

The Firm will also represent private individual defendants and small business defendants who have been sued by other individuals or small businesses for defamation. Contact the Katz Firm for a free no-obligation case evaluation.

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