Breach of Fiduciary Duty

There is no legal standard of care higher than fiduciary duty. Because of this high duty of care, breaching fiduciary duty is considered very serious. A breach of fiduciary duty may involve a number of duties, including:

  • Duty of loyalty
  • Duty to account
  • Duty of confidentiality
  • Duty of care
  • Duty of full disclosure
  • Duty to act fairly
  • Duty of good faith and fair dealing

A breach of fiduciary duty may arise in a number of different contexts:

  • Corporate Fiduciary Duties – officers, directors, and controlling shareholders owe a duty to the corporation and to the shareholders
  • Partnership Fiduciary Duties – partners must deal fairly with each other
  • Duties of Trustees – trustees must administer a trust in the interest of the beneficiary
  • Agency Duties – agency duties may arise in broker/customer and attorney/client contexts and may involve one person acting on behalf of another
  • Duties of Estate Representatives – estate representatives have a fiduciary duty with the heirs of the estate, and must act fairly and make full disclosure
  • Duties of Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers – stockbroker duties often arise through agency status, and require a relationship with their client
  • Duties of Real Estate Agents and Brokers – real estate agents and brokers have a duty of full disclosure as to material facts involving a transaction, and must act in the interest of the principal
  • Duties Under ERISA – a person who exercises discretionary authority over an employee retirement or medical plan may have a duty to discharge their duties in the interest of the plan participants and beneficiaries
  • Duties of Lenders – while the relationship between a lender and borrower is usually that of just a creditor-debtor, under some circumstances, a lender may be considered a fiduciary when it takes control of a borrower, or when a heightened relationship is found to exist between the lender and borrower
  • Duties of the Church and its Representatives – under certain circumstances, a member of the clergy may breach a fiduciary duty by engaging in sexual impropriety
  • Duties of Professionals – while attorneys have a clear duty to their clients, other professionals may also have a fiduciary duty, depending on the facts and circumstances at issue

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