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Patent Enforcement & Monetization

Patents are a wasting asset.  You or your company may be losing money every day by not investigating the enforcement, sale, or licensing of your patents.  Evaluating a patent portfolio to determine which patents can be monetized and which ones we can’t requires both legal and technical acumen.  The Katz Firm brings deep technical and litigation expertise into the equation.  A simple phone call or email can begin the process of obtaining compensation for your intellectual property.

Has someone infringed your patent?

Sometimes infringement of a patent is very difficult to determine, and in other circumstances, it can be almost obvious.  We have experience with many fields of technology, and we also engage specialized engineering firms to determine infringement in fields of complicated technology.  We can help you determine infringement, as well as advise you on the best way to respond to it.  We help inventors and businesses enforce patents, and monetize patents, even if they don’t want to spend money to litigate.  There is no charge for our evaluation.

Are your patents collecting dust?

As a patent owner, you know that patent maintenance fees get expensive.  If you are no longer using your patent, you need not choose between paying the fees or abandoning the asset.  We may be able to help you arrange a sale of your unused patents.  Knowing how to generate the best return on your unused patents requires experience in assessing which patents are valuable to specific potential buyers. Contact us about conveying your IP value proposition to the right buyers.  We will assess your portfolio without charge, and can broker sales on a contingency basis.

Do you want to license your patents?

We can help you with licensing your patented technology to others, if it’s a single patent or a sizable portfolio.  If you are no longer practicing the patents, but are still continuing to pay maintenance fees on them, why not monetize your patents through licensing? A patent that has perhaps little value to you may be of considerable value to the right licensee.  If your company is practicing the technology, your company can keep a license to continue to practice the technology.  If you are aware of potential licensees, we can negotiate and draft a license agreement on your behalf.  Otherwise, we can analyze the marketplace to identify potential licensees.  We generally handle licensing activities on a contingency basis.  Please use the Contact form and identify the patent numbers, and we will proceed with a preliminary review without cost or obligation.

The Katz Firm offers a free evaluation of your situation, whether you are facing competition from a competitor who is infringing your patent, monetizing your patent portfolio, or simply trying to obtain compensation for someone else’s use of your invention.

  • Are you curious to know if your patents can be monetized?  Have you thought about selling or licensing your unused or unwanted patents?  We will evaluate your patent monetization options as part of a free consultation.
  • As a patent owner, you’ve probably invested substantial amounts of time and money to obtain your patent.  Is someone infringing your patent?
  • Have you invited companies to take a license to your patent, only to be told that they are investigating, or receiving no reply at all?
  • As a business owner, your intellectual property may be your most important asset.  Is someone else making use of your intellectual property?
  • Do you want to send a “cease and desist” letter to someone who is infringing your patent or trademark?   Think twice before you do.

The Katz Firm will evaluate your single patent or your patent portfolio and discuss with you your goals and your options.  We will help you market your invention to others.  However, experience has revealed that others are not likely to pay you for your invention unless you convince them that it is in their best interest to do so.  If you are unsure whether anyone is using your invention, we may perform reverse engineering to determine if your invention is being infringed.  If our analysis determines that someone is infringing your patent(s), we develop claim charts pinpointing how each element of your patents’ claims are being infringed.  After we provide a potential licensee a detailed explanation of the infringing activity, we will negotiate on your behalf to market your technology.  You may find that the sale of your patents or the royalties generated from a licensing program can provide substantial revenue to fund other research and development in your enterprise.  We do not charge for our services unless and until the patents are sold or licensed.

If you want to use your patent or patent portfolio to keep a market niche to yourself, we can help.  The Katz Firm can assist you in taking the steps to verify that another is infringing your patent, for example, by reverse engineering the product that you believe infringes.  We will discuss your options with you, and allow you to decide how you want to move forward, e.g., a letter, a negotiation with the infringer, or by filing a lawsuit.

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