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The Katz Firm welcomes the opportunity to team with other law firms.

Joint Ventures and Co-Counsel:

The Katz Firm regularly joint ventures cases with other law firms. If there is a conflict that your firm is unable to waive, or a case that requires additional team members, it may make sense, and provide a substantial client benefit, to form a teaming arrangement.


A significant amount of the Katz Firm’s business arrives through referrals by other attorneys. If your client requires expertise that is outside of your practice area, the Katz Firm can help while relying on your firm’s support. It is paramount that you look good in the eyes of your client. The Katz Firm has earned the respect of its peers. Whatever the situation, the Katz Firm will not solicit work from your client, and will keep you regularly informed regarding case status. Let’s discuss how we can help your client together.

Local Counsel:

The Katz Firm has experience with representing out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants in federal court in Texas, including in patent cases. We can assist as local counsel, particularly in the Eastern District of Texas, Western District of Texas, and Northern District of Texas. In patent cases, we are familiar with the local rules and the customs of the courts.

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